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Lo and Ver


Image of Lo and Ver

A 12-page screen printed and handbound book

Story by Anna Mastori /
Drawings, typography and layout by Marietta Kallona (Yeti Toys) /
Silkscreen printed at Tind Studio by Manolis Angelakis and Chrisanthos Angelakis

This beautiful story by Anna Mastori, written in Greek is about love.
At the book presentation to celebrate the making of this book, Anna said that she wanted to write a story to say that love is allowed, that we all have a right to love and about the meaning of love. Anna has written a story that conveys all these things in a beautiful sweet way and which is perfect for all ages, for children and adults.

Marietta illustrated the story, retyped the story on a typewriter and created the layout. Some of the front covers were printed as etchings from metal by Anna and Marietta. The etching was prepared for silkscreen for the remaining covers and screen printed by hand by Marietta. The 240 sheets for the inner pages were silkscreen printed, one side in charcoal grey and the other side with colour variations at Tind studio. Each book is unique due to the gradiations in colour that were created during their printing.
The pages were scored and prepared for Japanese stab book binding with invaluable help from Chrisanthos. The book was hand bound over four Saturdays with Anna and her friends - thank you Anna Lim, Asimina Mast, Korika Ravokiri, Kalliopi Katsarou, Despoina Kotsopoulou and Julia Vee. The final stage was to number and stamp the back of the book with Anna's, Tind's and my seals.

From the 236 books that we made, we kept some books for our friends and family.
25 of the books are available here.
The colour variation is the colour of the front cover.

Thank you for passing by. Made with love in Athens, Greece.